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Australian Drone Mania Photography UAV is an Australian owned company that has 22 year experience in remote piloting and 5 years in drone technology specialising in high quality precision aerial imaging solutions using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and sensor innovations.

We are known for our professionalism and dedication to improving safety, mitigating risk whilst increasing productivity and reducing operating costs for our clients through the use of new technology.

We are based in the Gold Coast and most of out jobs are done in SouthEast Queensland but on request can travel to anywhere in Australia….

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Drone Mania UAV utilises its Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or drones to deliver individuals or industry high quality aerial imagery, video or data. We do this in a cost effective, safe, customised and timely manner. This data acquisition allows industry to make informed business decisions and implement actionable changes to operations saving time in a cost effective and safe fashion.

DroneMania UAVs services are wide in scope and extend across many varied industries. Our services include: 

• aerial photography and video

• real estate photography

• construction and development

• aerial asset inspections

• mapping and surveying (including post processing)


UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle)

UAS (Unmanned Aerial System)

RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System)

RPA (Remotely Piloted Aircraft)

C.A.S.A (Civil Aviation Safety Authority)

Drone Aerial Photography


Drone Mania Aerial photography & videography in the Gold Coast are the new standard for high-end real estate marketing. From breathtaking aerial views to 360′ exterior tours, the team at Drone Mania is ready to create a seamless promotional package to set your listings apart from

the competition. We run an efficient and safe operation, ensuring that your project remains on-time and on-budget.

Our specialised Drone technology has the ability to provide unparalleled, high 4K HD resolution Aerial photographs & video of your home or estate listing.

Birds-eye view provides great assessment of the entire estate or property that can not be achieved by typical ground photography. We also provide interior videography to get that smooth, beautiful high resolution video of the property.




Construction Progress Reporting

Using a Drone for aerial photography and video is an effective tool for tracking project milestones, assessing contractor progress, managing your project and communicating with your team. From the initial site survey to the final completed building, Drone Mania Aerial Photography can document each step of your construction project. Aerial images enhance monthly progress reports and marketing materials and are often required for legal issues and draw reports. Our images not only document the status of construction but they are also used to settle conflicts, avoid costly delays, and provide anyone associated with the project valuable information while saving them time. We understand the importance of showing detail in the images and we provide the most comprehensive aerial documentation possible. The project name, location, and photo date is added to each image. You can choose to have a border around the images as well as your company logo. Anything is possible with Drone Mania.

We capture as many views of a construction site as you need. We then add the name and location of the project, along with the date of the photography at the bottom right corner of each image. We can also add your logo to your construction progress aerials.

Any construction site – large or small – can be photographed by Drone Mania Aerial Photography: apartment community, shopping centre, hotel, golf course, restaurant, residential property, car dealership, school, and more


Drone Mobile Tower Inspection


Drone Mobile Tower Inspection Service by Drone Mania, Mobile phone towers need to be inspected and maintained on a regular basis so minor issues do not escalate into major and expensive repairs. Safety and access are of the utmost concern in the process.

Mobile Tower mast scheduled inspection procedures are recommended to maintain optimised Radio Frequency (RF) emissions and safe operation. Harsh environmental conditions, freeze/thaw cycles, lighting strikes, moisture intrusion and corrosion cause damage to the main structure, electrical wiring looms, electronics and antenna assemblies. Antenna tilt or misalignment, antenna malfunction can also remain undetected for long periods of operation. Planned inspection and maintenance schedules ensure network operators maintain optimised emissions and guarantee safe and reliable operation.

Inspection processes that form part of mast structural inspection include: – corrosion, mechanical integrity, welded joints, missing or loose fixings, disconnection of cables and connectors, bird nest contamination.

Using small, easily manoeuvrable UAVs which can see virtually any angle of the infrastructure can be a cost effective, quick, efficient and safe means of assessing the condition and orientation of all components of the tower. Transmitting live, high resolution photography which management can see on the ground or from the desktop, any urgent decision making regarding follow up maintenance or repair procedures can be taken without delay. Data can be stored and compared with each inspection, allowing for maintenance scheduling and budgeting.



Drone Bridge Inspection

Drone Bridge Inspection services offered Drone Mania will photograph surface damages like cracks and spalling can only be detected from close distances. For that purpose inspectors of construction need to work right at the bridge, which is expensive and risky. Often inspectors get support by industrial climbers, via hubs, scaffold, crane or boat to access remote and critical spots. Every structural analysis thus is very time-consuming and generates significant financial and human costs.

Over time, the effects of nature and man cause bridges to deteriorate more and more, if unaddressed, the smallest of cracks in the masonry work and/or corrosion of metal beams can result in catastrophic collapses. These occurrences can go unnoticed as they are often located in inaccessible and hard to see locations. A regular inspection of critical points of a bridge system is essential for both preventive and future maintenance. Conventional methods of bridge inspections can be very dangerous, often requiring scaffolding, climbers or bridge inspection vehicles which close down traffic lanes and cause traffic congestion.


To inspect bridges with an intelligent aerial platform without effecting their normal operation while complementing conventional methods such as helicopters, scaffolds, cranes, industrial climbers, etc.

Cost reduction due to minimal personnel and operating costs

Reduced inspection time per bridge

Increased SafetyBridge inspection & much more

Drone Mania bridge inspection can provide high definition video, stills and thermal imagery data could change the game for construction industries.



Drone Wind Turbine Blade Inspection

Wind Turbine Blade Inspections service by Drone Mania can inspect wind turbine rotor blades can suffer damage as they are subjected to extremely variable weather conditions. When blades become damaged, dirty or faulty the total productivity of your turbine may be considerably reduced.


We can work closely with your engineering and maintenance teams to provide high-quality real-time imagery of each of your turbine assets, reducing down-time and associated costs.

Our RPA can analyse the blades and structure of each wind turbine asset in seconds, moving to multiple locations in a wind farm with minimal time delay, allowing you to survey and analyse HD imagery much quicker than traditional telephotography or manual inspection methods.

During an inspection, your engineer will direct the Drone Mania RPA pilot to fly to the required position for analysis. A real-time video feed will be displayed on the ground so that the engineer can quickly identify any potential problems and demand a more in-depth survey of that particular region.

HD video will be recorded of the survey, with findings documented in a comprehensive report and complimentary DVD with files in a format of your choice up to 1080p.

A safer working environment

Personnel can remain on the ground instead of working at height, in all weathers.

Reduced downtime

Drone Mania RPA can reach work height (up to 120m) in less than a minute and begin producing results immediately.

Higher quality imagery from any vantage point

Our highly-skilled RPA operators can fly within 2 metres of a wind turbine, producing unsurpassed image quality in great detail.

Making the inaccessible accessible

The RPA can be directed to the blade tips to perform a survey that would traditionally be dangerous and time-consuming in a matter of minutes.

Dynamic Surveying

Using real-time imagery streamed to the ground, your engineer can direct the survey to investigate any potential issues while the RPA is in the air allowing focused results.



Drone Roof Inspection

Drone roof inspection service from Drone Mania in Brisbane has the ability to fly close to buildings, and into awkward positions where other means of access may not be safe, appropriate or cost effective. We can provide detailed high definition pictures of buildings and structures where access towers, cherry pickers and scaffold may not be viable. Drone Mania can offer a quick solution to investigating an area that needs to be inspected. We can liaise with the client on the ground ensuring that all areas of concern are inspected. The client or surveyor is able to see what the camera is looking at via a real time downlink, with more detailed results available once the Drone has landed.

Drone Mania aerial photography allows surveyors to see signs of damage in most high level areas e.g.

Drone Roof Inspections cover the following:

Parapet Inspections

Gutters.        Lead flashing.   Air conditioning 

Pointing.       Flat roofs

Windows.     Skylights

(CASA Certified) Drone Safety

At Drone Mania we know how important it is to your business to make sure things are done “by the book”. To give you that piece of mind, each part of our business strives to reach the highest standards in certification and licensing:

We are licensed Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) Operator

Drone Mania Chief Pilot are certified by CASA as RPAS Controllers

Aircraft are certified airworthy by the Chief Maintenance Controller

The team is governed by a code of conduct


As the growth of awareness in RPA filming and photography is realised, more suppliers will be offering their services. Anyone flying drones for commercial use is required to be licensed by the CASA  and if they are not they will not be insured or have public liability cover. Drone safety in our industry is paramount.

Licensing is a very real and important part of any RPA  flying. These machines can be very dangerous and a good understanding of how they work is key to keeping not only yourself safe but the surrounding public and property.

Insurance is also a big factor when you choose a RPA Operator. Being insured proves the company is legitimate and covers public liability up to $20 million.

CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) is our governing body. Like any commercial aircraft, you need a licence.

Licensing Rules are

Can only fly up to an altitude of 400 feet

Not in a built up populous area

Not within 30 meters to anyone not associated with the machine (Approval to 15 meters available to us)

Only fly within visual line of sight

Day time flight only

Not within 3 NM of a airport

Outside controlled airspace

Drone Mania Chief Pilot passed CASA’s final flying test with perfect scores across the board.

Please be careful to select an experienced licensed operator for the safety of those being filmed and the protection of the aerial filming industry! Thank you.


Our specialised Drones are fitted with fail safe return-to-home frequencies if the pilot is incapacitated or radio signal is lost with the Remotely Piloted Aircraft, though we are pleased to report that these functions have never been required!!!!

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